by one party

See: ex parte
References in classic literature ?
The choice which may at any time happen to be made under such circumstances, will of course be the result either of a victory gained by one party over the other, or of a compromise between the parties.
In the 1990s, we came out from a country where the entire state was run by one party.
On the other hand, they worry about what those answers would be if formulated by one party alone.
A party participating in a split-dollar life insurance arrangement may use the premium rates in Notice 2002-8's Table 2001 or the insurer's lower published premium rates only to value current life insurance protection for Federal tax purposes when (and to the extent that) such protection is conferred as an economic benefit by one party on another, determined without regard to consideration or premiums paid by such other party.
But that alone will not solve the problem of councils being dominated by one party.