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Each tonne of freight transported by rail reduces carbon emissions by 7 percent compared to road and each freight train removes between 25 and 62 HGVs from Scottish roads.
But only 3% of the state's exported perishable produce travels a majority of the distance to its destination by rail.
He designed a new profile based on rail contact fatigue crack initiation mechanism so as to minimize the shearing stress that was produced by rail shoulder out of wheel-rail contact, thereby alleviating rolling contact fatigue crack of rail.
DB Schenker Rail is committed to providing the rail freight capacity required to maximise volumes being transported by rail to and from the port.
The rail yard, which operated from the 1850's until the early 1970's, was known as the "Lifeline of the City" because much of New York's milk, grain and vegetables were shipped to the yard's piers by barge from the railheads in New Jersey or by rail from the north.
Originally built by Union Pacific back in 1955 as a sight-seeing dome car with 34 passenger seats and a bar, the Bella Vista was "re-imagined" by Rail Ventures, its current owner, which spent $2 million to realize its full potential.
The operation has been designed to ship material by rail to a shuttered Olin Corp.
The city contends containerized cargo arriving on the west coast, diverted by rail through the Sault and transferred onto truck, can get to the U.S.