by statute

See: de jure
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Then came the fruition of that historic propaganda which is best described by its own slogan: "The East for the East--the West for the West," and all further intercourse was stopped by statute.
These are simple steps, mandated by statute, and which were upheld by a Democratic trial court judge.
In many states, the courts are reluctant to award costs to defendants, and in others the court may not award costs unless provided by statute.
The county, however, is limited by statute and contract in its ability to do this to the extent that a modification will result in sales tax revenues less than 200% of maximum annual debt service on NIFA bonds and other debt.
To lack continuity, domestic LLCs must provide by statute or agreement that unanimous consent is required to continue after the occurrence of a dissolution event, whereas limited partnerships require only the other general partners or a majority of all the remaining partners vote for its continuation.
3) Global interest netting should apply only to tax years that are not barred by statute.
The Board must operate within statutory constraints, and all of our regulations are either required by statute or are necessary to explain or implement a statute.
02, "[N]o State or political subdivision of a State may establish or continue in effect any requirement with respect to a medical device intended for human use having the force and effect of law [whether established by statute, ordinance, regulation, or court decision], which is different from, or in addition to, any requirement applicable to such device under any provision of the act and which relates to the safety or effectiveness of the device or to any other matter included in a requirement applicable to the device under the act").
15500, the property rights of husband and wife prescribed by statute may be altered by a marital property agreement.
Finally, with respect to the events described above, District Judge Haight said, "While the IRS's processing of this claim cannot be regarded as its finest hour of service to taxpayers, I am constrained by statute and controlling authority to grant the government's motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint as barred by the statute of limitations.
Earlier this year, the Board undertook a review of all its regulations and reporting requirements to determine which requirements are specifically required by statute and which ones are not.
Although grooming standards have generally been upheld when challenged on a constitutional basis, certain grooming standards implicate protections provided by statutes designed to prevent discrimination based on race, gender, or handicapped status.