by the mere fact

See: ipso facto
References in classic literature ?
But shortly, and as far as my bewilderment allowed me to grasp its naive atrociousness, it was something like this: that no consideration, no delicacy, no tenderness, no scruples should stand in the way of a woman (who by the mere fact of her sex was the predestined victim of conditions created by men's selfish passions, their vices and their abominable tyranny) from taking the shortest cut towards securing for herself the easiest possible existence.
According to Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi' s-run station, loyalists to the dictator managed to regain control of Misrata something which rebels counterclaimed by the mere fact that heavy fighting still went on within and without the peripheries of the town.
There is a school of preventive thought out there which myopically insists that men, by the mere fact of their gender, are not qualified to speak about abortion.