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Heart by-pass, or coronary artery by-pass grafting, reroutes blood around blocked arteries in the heart to improve its flow and oxygen to the heart, surgeons explained.
In this study, the experimental investigation using hot-gas by-pass scheme for capacity control were conducted to evaluate the performance of temperature control for a machine tool cooler.
Kitamura ve arkadaslarinin 1970'li yillarin sonu ve 1980'li yillarin baslarinda Kawasaki hastaligi geciren ve koroner arter sorunlari by-pass cerrahisi ile graftlenerek tedavi edilen hastalarinin yaklasik 25 yillik izlem sonuclari sunulmustur.
If this detour had to be imposed, surely some temporary stops could have been placed along the by-pass.
However, the IRS did indicate that if there were no transfers prior to the death of the second spouse--and a fair representation of the appreciable versus non-appreciable property still can be obtained--then it may be possible to still fund the by-pass trust.
Patients receiving a peripheral arterial by-pass using a synthetic graft are randomized to receive a drug-loaded wrap or no-wrap (the present standard of care).
A SUSPECTED Viking settlement has been discovered along the planned route of the Waterford City by-Pass.
The new highway realignment is scheduled to by-pass some communities along the Highway 11 corridor, which could create some potential economic impacts, a project manager says.
REGARDING reader Graeme Buchanan's story of being cancelled five times for a triple by-pass, I sympathise his dilemma.
The by-pass mode allows for high flow yet still maintains a very low pressure drop.
The Uniflow Low Profile air by-pass fume hood is available in 48" and 72" sizes.