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In the present study, despite of lower CT in the black tea byproduct than that in green, PPC and increment of in vitro fermentation with PEG in black tea by-product were higher than those in green one.
The company specializes in the production of fish protein concentrate, fish oil and fishmeal from fresh preserved by-products (silage) and fresh raw materials.
By-product synergy networks: Driving innovation through waste reduction and carbon mitigation.
Sierra Nevada is reducing its energy costs and eliminating a manufacturing by-product that would otherwise add to its disposal and waste water expenditures.
But if the bone is waste or for pet food then it's a by-product and cannot be passed to the public.
The use of this by-product has been investigated as a soil amendment at relatively high application rates by Mosquera-Pardo and Gilkes (1991) on similar Western Australian soils.
Pyrolysis breaks molecules at their weakest points, producing a hydrogen-rich bio-oil, with carbon (which can be used as fertilizer) as a by-product.
Corn fiber or bran is an abundant by-product of the wet milling industry and is used as low-priced feed.
Published information in the area of animal by-product processing and utilization is limited.
To insure optimum efficiency of the HAV unit, it is imperative that silica and curing by-product deposits be removed periodically by brushing out the inside of the tunnel.
One such strategy is by-product synergy, which promotes joint commercial development of one economic sector with a related environmental sector.
It used to be, `Let's make music, money is a by-product.