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These animal by-products must not enter the food chain.
The proposal comes in line with a law on criminalising and combating the smuggling of subsidised oil by-products, which was implemented in June.
Therefore, the objective of this present study was to assess the anti-nutritive activity of tannins in green and black tea by-products by the in vitro gas production method coupled with ammonia nitrogen (N[H.
Farmers claimed that since Grupo Gloria arrived in Puerto Rico, it started the "dangerous practice" of importing milk and milk by-products under different brands that they transport and distribute in Suiza's trucks.
He also pleaded to two separate offences under the Animal By-Products Regulations was fined PS1,000 for these offences.
The company has asserted that the process also had "huge global potential" to be adapted to other biological by-products.
It's desirable to devise strategies that you could use to convert dark chicken processed by-products to restructured white chicken meat.
is the largest publicly traded, food processing by-products recycling company in the United States.
No animal by-products, no mammalian or avian by-products are allowed in the feed.
Food crop mineral deficiency & disturbance stress mitigation in temperate climatic regions by economical & environmental valorization of agricultural by-products.
The new text introduces more risk-proportionate rules and clarifies rules on animal by-products, as well as their interaction with other EU legislation.
Why are by-products of food processing such a rich source of nutraceuticals?