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The shipping company whose liners were THE word in transatlantic style before aircraft whisked travellers to and from the States is still a by-word for old-fashioned style, comfort and taste.
What Tel will need to do is ensure, like Gerard Houllier did, that consistency becomes the by-word.
CAUTION over investment in high-tech shares - despite indications of a prices rally late last week - was the city by-word in Dublin yesterday.
That's rich when he is talking about a dictator whose regime was a by-word for human rights crimes, including torture and murder.
He cannot speak highly enough of the workforce, the factories and the cars which have made the marque the by-word for luxury and quality.
Sainsbury's, once the country's biggest supermarket and by-word for value and excellence, is taking a seemingly endless cold bath.
It is worth remembering that Liverpool was once a by-word for urban blight and economic decline.
I have not met McCarthy - but every person I know who has talks of an extremely pleasant man for whom honesty is a by-word.
It became a by-word for articles in the glossies and late-night TV documentaries as people who should have known better discussed the cultural significance of Eric Cantona's upturned collar.
In a matter of weeks, they have damaged the public perception of the parliament and made it a by-word for ineptitude and idleness - quite an achievement.
But Megane has become a by-word in all that is admirable and desirable in a mid-range car.
While they had attracted plaudits for some of their closer losses, such as the ones at home to Bath and at Saracens, the spectre of Rotherham, a by-word for hopeless cause if ever there was one, still followed them on to the pitch before every match.