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The May Fair Hotel, situated in the heart of the Mayfair village, has been a by-word for elegance and style since the twenties.
Giving an insight into how the previous regime operated, the senior manager commented that 'quickly' was the by-word for the deposed regime.
Welcome to the former Eastern bloc: once a by-word for Stalinist inefficiency, it is now an area where business environments are evolving rapidly.
Argentina, once a by-word for economic default, is also back in fashion among investors.
This team was the Corinthians, a name that has become a by-word for all that is good in sport and all that football in particular has sadly forfeited.
It is an entertaining array of quotes and counter-quotes about a literary celebrity whose writing became a by-word for linguistic anarchy but whose own political views remained surprisingly right-wing.
Diversity remains the by-word for the large groups which have moved into laser surgery or hearing services.
Economy has always been Mark's by-word, it has always been under three and when he has helpful conditions he is a real handful.
99 - Morrisons Les Jamelles has become a by-word for reliable (and much improved) wines from southern France.
Thus Gitmo, which might well have been a legitimate prison for those the World Court found guilty of terrorism, instead became a by-word for injustice and a deep stain on America's international reputation.
High-interest credit from the banks was not always widely available -- this is a development of the last 10 years - and people had not always felt the need to spend as if there was no tomorrow, during the Christmas season, which became a by-word for over-consumption and over-indulgence.
Addressing the Royal College of Defence Studies in London on Friday, Brown said: "Sadly, the government of Afghanistan has become a by-word for corruption.