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If, in the bygone days when this was your home and when this was your dress, I had understood myself (I speak only of myself) better, and had read the secrets of my own breast more distinctly; if, through my reserve and self-mistrust, I had discerned a light that I see brightly now when it has passed far away, and my weak footsteps can never overtake it; if I had then known, and told you that I loved and honoured you, not as the poor child I used to call you, but as a woman whose true hand would raise me high above myself and make me a far happier and better man; if I had so used the opportunity there is no recalling--as I wish I had, O I wish I had
A strange name wakes up memories; the printed words scent the smoky atmosphere of to-day faintly, with the subtle and penetrating perfume as of land breezes breathing through the starlight of bygone nights; a signal fire gleams like a jewel on the high brow of a sombre cliff; great trees, the advanced sentries of immense forests, stand watchful and still over sleeping stretches of open water; a line of white surf thunders on an empty beach, the shallow water foams on the reefs; and green islets scattered through the calm of noonday lie upon the level of a polished sea, like a handful of emeralds on a buckler of steel.
Good land, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, I'm sure.
But as bygones are bygones, and he was engaged to yourself, why, I'm determined to take you as a sister instead, and to look upon you as such, and to love you as one of the family.
She might prove it false if she could veil bygones.
But one thing I'll say, and no more; if you spare me, bygones are bygones, and when you fellows are in court for piracy, I'll save you all I can.
A Bygone Time LOOKING down from Segedunum, where a shipyard used to be.
The Bygone Collection provides customers with a wide range of authentic styles spanning 300 years of sash window development from early Georgian through to late Victorian.
I've often scoffed at old time ways Those quaint styled fashions of bygone days 'Sticky out' frocks and 'handlebar' moustaches Penny-farthing bikes and round the waist sashes I considered my era the very last word And thought those dated times absurd Each age group thinks when their time bears fruit Their fashions are 'cool' and the past's a hoot.
A BYGONE era is being brought back to life in a new exhibition.