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As concern increases about environmental issues and material recycling, the utilization of tea byproduct as feedstuff would be useful for both economic and environmental reasons.
In addition, there are many instances, especially in plants that originated as and/or remain family-operated businesses, where long-standing relationships with local farmers determine byproduct handling.
The use of foundry byproduct as low-hydraulic conductivity barrier construction eliminates the need and cost to import clay soil, maximizes airspace capacity and extends the working life of the landfill.
The comparative income statement shown below reflects the differences in accounting using the three byproduct methods.
The larger hydrogen fuel cells have the additional advantage of producing pure drinking water as a byproduct, a significant consideration in village communities around the world where access to clean water is often a critical concern.
With the funding provided by Waste Connections, GWRI can advance its goal to develop new strategies and methodologies of existing methods for improved management of wastes and byproducts.
The issuance of the byproduct disposal license is a vital part of this solution and will accelerate WCS' growth and employment base for the area," Mr.
Using gasification of pet coke, a byproduct fuel readily available on the Gulf Coast, to generate electricity makes a great deal of sense.
The January 8 study reports that such byproducts in drinking water may put pregnant women at a higher risk for miscarriages, neural tube defects, and reduced fetal growth.
So, for many foundries, co-processing of byproduct streams from multiple foundries represents a cost-effective way to participate in beneficial reuse markets.
Under the proposed 15-year agreement with Dow, the Hunton Energy facility is slated to produce SNG and will use steam turbines to produce additional power from its byproduct steam.
Hemoglobin happens to be red when it's oxygenated, so the redness of our blood is a byproduct of the chemistry of carrying oxygen.