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Considering the levels of replacement of brachiaria grass with biodiesel byproducts (Table 2), it was found that the linear regression model that best explained the degradability of the canola byproduct with a 0.
In early 2011, Waupaca Foundry completed construction of test pads to evaluate the long-term performance of compacted foundry byproduct as a landfill liner.
While sourced from a byproduct of cocoa production, Solbeso is not sweet nor does it taste like chocolate, but instead delivers a floral aroma and light citrus taste that is ideal straight, on the rocks or mixed into cocktails, say company officials.
3]-N concentration from black tea byproduct was also increased by addition of any of the agents with the higher response observed with PEG6000, 20000 and PVP10000, while PEG1000 and PVPP showed a relatively lower response.
Rick Snyder has signed into law the use of coal ash and other industrial byproducts in cement and asphalt, according to Businessweek.
As with byproducts, there's a difference between "chicken digest" and "animal digest"--one is considerably more transparent than the other.
Because many plant managers don't have the time to worry about byproducts beyond just getting them out the plant door, employing the expertise of a third party professional could help alleviate the burden of byproduct management.
To distinguish an adaptation from a byproduct, first of all you have to establish that the trait is in some sense innate, for example, that it develops reliably across a range of environments and is universal across the species.
Pine bark, for example, was once a byproduct for small sawmills and was left in piles for disposal when convenient.
The hydrogen can then be stored and later used in a fuel cell to generate electricity, with heat as a useful byproduct that could be harnessed to heat homes, among other uses.
When sweat, especially from the apocrine glands (sweat glands in underarms and around genitals), mixes with bacteria on the skin surface, the byproduct is body odor.