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He then found a way to benefit both him and the pigs by feeding the byproduct to them.
Solvent is one of the principal byproducts of the chemical manufacturing process.
Considering the levels of replacement of brachiaria grass with biodiesel byproducts (Table 2), it was found that the linear regression model that best explained the degradability of the canola byproduct with a 0.22% increase in the digestibility of DM for the addition of a percent unit of the byproduct (Table 2).
Plant sources: Data from 520 copra byproduct samples produced in the Philippines and Indonesia were used.
This, he said, is caused by being in close contact with dogs and livestock, and has nothing to do with the refinery's powder byproduct.
Both the select foundry byproduct and select clay liners appeared intact, without visible signs of deterioration, cracking or preferential flow paths in the select foundry byproduct barrier layer.
While sourced from a byproduct of cocoa production, Solbeso is not sweet nor does it taste like chocolate, but instead delivers a floral aroma and light citrus taste that is ideal straight, on the rocks or mixed into cocktails, say company officials.
Rick Snyder has signed into law the use of coal ash and other industrial byproducts in cement and asphalt, according to Businessweek.
Divided Michigan lawmakers voted to allow for the use of coal ash and other industrial byproducts in cement and asphalt, approving legislation that would reclassify certain hazardous wastes for "beneficial use."
One hundred and sixty-eight 11-week-old laying quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) were fed one of the following three diets over an 11-week period: control: basal diet with no lentil byproduct; inclusion of 10% lentil byproduct; inclusion of 20% lentil byproduct.
Reducing wastes by reusing byproduct streams will become even more important as we deal with increased restraints on carbon emissions and the dual pressures to reduce production costs and preserve natural resources.
Ice Ban is the original agricultural byproduct blend that was first introduced to New England in 1997, said Kevin T.