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Wonga became a byword for a heartless, blood-sucking capitalism which made a few rich at the huge expense of the many.
1 BYWORD (IOS, PS8.99) They say: Designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown on your Mac.
( Byword is a very simple word processor.
The suspension of Jerome Valcke is only the latest bit of bad news for an organisation that is now less well known for promoting the game of football, than it is as a byword for greed and corruption on an industrial scale.
Mayor pa ako, sinasabi ko na, kasi 'yong kalaban namin noon, talagang ang pinagmamalaki at inaasahan niyang mananalo siya dahil sa pera so naging byword namin sa Makati 'yan, he explained.
In a word delivered on the occasion, Husseini considered that the National Pact document was the byword of the principle governing the constitution ever since its drafting.
This time they're to protest at schools' Islamisation, although their overall inability to string sentences together makes them strange upholders of educational standards, Why is it these marchers are a byword for drunken disorder when, in Hong-Kong, marchers seeking elections free of Chinese intervention, are sober, orderly and courteous to the point of sharing their packed lunches with patrolling HK police?
Mark Cahill, managing director of Manpower, said: "Consistency has been the byword for the UK's employment outlook over the last 18 months.
So much has been written about this most notorious of families and their name is a byword for corruption - but Sarah Dunant presents their tale with a fresh eye.
Whose racy autobiography Memoires made his name a byword for a sexual adventurer?
People with overly enthusiastic eating habits are still often referred to as "gannets", and for eons the bird has been something of a byword for gluttony and greed.