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Once a byword! Now, an indistinctly remembered ignominy!
To do things "railroad fashion" is now the byword; and it is worth the while to be warned so often and so sincerely by any power to get off its track.
OEDIPUS No, that has grown a byword throughout Greece.
In consequence of Dobbin's victory, his character rose prodigiously in the estimation of all his schoolfellows, and the name of Figs, which had been a byword of reproach, became as respectable and popular a nickname as any other in use in the school.
Three days ago my preference for blue eyes was a byword. You have a shocking temper.
Has he all that the world loves and admires and covets?--he must cast behind him their admiration, and afflict them by faithfulness to his truth, and become a byword and a hissing.