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In consequence of Dobbin's victory, his character rose prodigiously in the estimation of all his schoolfellows, and the name of Figs, which had been a byword of reproach, became as respectable and popular a nickname as any other in use in the school.
Three days ago my preference for blue eyes was a byword.
he must cast behind him their admiration, and afflict them by faithfulness to his truth, and become a byword and a hissing.
FOR as long as local authorities have existed, the "council jolly" or the "junket" have been bywords for extravagant waste at the taxpayers' expense.
They do not have to look any further, as, with these two devices, LG Electronics has combined easy-to-use, exceptional features, portability, and trendy design, offering customers two new bywords in the world of netbooks.
THEY say the more things change the more they stay the same - and devoted followers of Mark Howard's excellent guide to the jumps season can rest reassured that while the horses he covers in this annual labour of love come and go, the twin bywords of thorough research and outstanding value for money remain as constant now as they were 14 years ago, writes Mark Blackman.