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Cabal then took out a Paycare company healthcare scheme from PAA for its employees at its Highgate headquarters.
Upon fleeing Mexico, Cabal went into hiding in the US, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Australia.
Appealing to then-Mexico City regent (unelected mayor) Carlos Hank Gonzalez, later secretary of agriculture and a Cabal business associate, Charveriat won potable water for slum dwellers in the Chiquihuitin Hill colony.
But the rants of its cabal have evidently dealt a severe blow to that environment of state harmony, a negativity it definitely would have done without.
Hezbollah would suffer great harm if it were to be blamed for some of the regime's crimes against civilians, and this would make it easier for the pro-Israel cabal to make accusations against it of terrorism stick.
Our aim is that there be no hiding place and no safe haven for the criminal cabal that surrounds Mugabe
She confirmed that Judith never used the phrase 'Jewish cabal,' nor made any other anti-Semitic statement during that phone conversation," Mr.
Ride in the crow's nest of a 50-foot long dust-scudding pirate ship; attend Fags Over 4 Tea, with a cabal of older gay men in a U-Haul-cum--Arabian tent; and hear thousand of people applaud the sunset each evening.
Eye of the Pyramid is an exciting novel about one man's discoveries leading to the secrets of a 50,000 year-old race, secrets that have been jealously hoarded and corrupted by an influential cabal known as "The Society" to promote their own greed and power-mongering.
Benicio is a sorcerer and the CEO of the Cortez Cabal, a large company that employees supernaturals and has shady moral dealings.
This angers a cabal of evil businessmen, who somehow are profiting from the bad times, so they conspire to bring the new agency down.
What a sad pass we've come to, I thought one night last month while enjoying a local amateur company's production of Peter Coke's 45-year-old comedy about a cabal of fur-coat-purloining senior citizens, Breath of Spring.