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Otro tema que debe ser considerado es la falta de inclusion social para el acceso de personas en condicion de discapacidad, y un orden estrategico municipal que involucre a los diferentes gremios en un solo contexto, los cuales puedan tener igualdad de beneficios que permita la promocion de sus servicios y productos para las diferentes rutas turisticas de Santa Rosa de Cabal.
Although Hagel spoke at a pro-Israeli Jewish lobby, the warmongering cabal, which comprises the neocons and Likudnik Americans that betray "their country" every day for the benefit of Israel, attacked him sharply and said that his statements constituted betrayal of Israel and the so-called special bond with the United States.
Cabal and Schwank were playing in their first tournament together.
The third set went to serve, until a double fault in the last game from Colombia s inexperienced Cabal earned Mirnyi and Nestor the victory.
This is followed by an analysis of the constitutional crisis and the role played by the cabal and the oppositional forces.
A true cabal is opaque and mysterious, not transparent.
He circulated the report to councillors at last night's meeting, before asking: "Would you agree with me that the report and its conclusion actually seem to suggest to me very, very strongly that Mike Storey was the person that leaked information to the Evil Cabal website.
Last night councillors were presented with an edited version of an internal council report into who leaked confidential information to Liverpool Evil Cabal and other blogs, written in May last year.
A esa comprension cabal del mensaje de la Biblia, principalmente del Evangelio, con gran sencillez de lenguaje, ha hecho una contribucion valiosa el P.
Opus Dei is either a bunch of good-living Catholic businessmen and women or a shadowy crypto-tory cabal of jackboot-wearing puritannical right-wing loonies bent on taking over the world in league with the Knights Templar - if you read the Da Vinci Code.
In the Bush world, power in making economic policy depends not on your title, but on whether you are a member of the small, informal economic cabal that meets regularly with the President and decides virtually everything.