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He passed his hand over his brow, as though to brush away the idea which assailed him; then he took from the table a nail and a small hammer, whose handle was curiously painted with cabalistic letters.
I glanced down at the flimsy blackened pages whose very handwriting seemed cabalistic, incomprehensible to the experience of Western Europe.
important papers with cabalistic words or signs to give them a magical
Seest thou he cannot look upon us; he cannot look upon her; and who knows by what impulse from his tormentor his hand forms these cabalistic lines upon the floor?
The man in the brown coat, with the cabalistic documents in his pocket, was no other than our old acquaintance Mr.
There's no particular gain in plausibility from asserting that a specific cabalistic getaway, held on a particular weekend, is where the actual decisions are made.
This is something cabalistic and our focus is solely on the goals.
Whatever he happens to find therelet's say, a midget-sized Superman figure or a Simpsons-themed chess-setwill either be dismembered or placed into whatever nook is left among the doll heads, cabalistic drawings, I-Ching books, hand-shaped chairs, and other objects populating his house.
While the Aleph carries all the high, Cabalistic meanings the narrator spins around it in his postdata, the ALEF may just be this projector.
Either way, it seemed a classic example of the 'old', top-down, centrist, secretive, cabalistic, spin-riddled, machine politics that Jeremy Corbyn senses most of us find increasingly nauseating and alienating.
When her father goes missing, she searches for him and is abducted into a cabalistic society called The Dreamers, who "dream" to sustain the light against the dark energies that threaten to take over the planet.
Jennings' acute observations are based on actual life, and what she reveals about the powerful, cabalistic set of Wall Street is damning and alarming--after all, these are the people who, with impunity and excessive self-regard, rule the world's financial systems.