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Like Marot, Agrippa was a heretic author--in 1509 accused as "a judaizing heretic" for applying cabalistic exegetical techniques to the Bible, later as a "Lutheran heretic" for his "sharp criticism of the mendicant orders and many practices of the church" in his De vanitate (1530).
There may be an almost cabalistic form of solidarity within a neo-tribe that expresses a system of values or reflects a set of qualities possessed by members.
The golem first appears in late twelfth-century Jewish commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Life), a Cabalistic text, though the roots of the idea that a human could create living things by ritualistic magic may go back much further.
In addition, Juynboll's cabalistic diagrams may reveal to the cognoscenti the story of the hadith's (or, to be more precise, the main's wording's) origin and subsequent transmission.
To the contrary: if we want to keep this great gig going, we need all the cabalistic overreadings and outlandish outcomes we can get.
Georges Perec's "History of the Lipogram" begins with references to the Zohar, to Rabbi Simeon, to the cabala, and to the three main directions of cabalistic exegesis: gematry, notarikon, and temurah.
On the contrary, the way in which he runs his own party suggests he is just as cabalistic in his approach to politics as Messrs Blair and Brown.
Rather like the academic setting in mysteries, the world of haute cuisine provides lots of opportunities for odd, colorful characters obsessed with perfecting their work and achieving recognition in a field cabalistic to the masses.
140) It has been variously described that during the years it existed, the council came to be a cabalistic and right unholy political machine, which dispensed its vast patronage networks with a heavy hand and unjustly encroached upon authority fairly belonging to the executive.
It was likely used by a Hasidic, cabalistic congregation because of the unique markings on certain letters that emphasize the spiritual traditions of Judaism.
I was brought down to earth upon learning that in exchange for the handprints of several distinguished men I would be given a new middle name--a new middle name selected just for me on the basis of cabalistic and numerological principles.
Another of Borges's stories introduces us to a prisoner, an Aztec priest, engrossed in the Cabalistic conviction that on the skin of a jaguar confined in an adjacent cell is written a magical sentence of divine revelation: "the concrete enigma" of deciphering it, he recognizes, "disturbed me less than the generic enigma of a sentence written by a god.