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1 outlines the context where IMDB Cache will be implemented.
At its core, an external storage cache is a non-volatile array of fast RAM that interfaces with other storage devices through multiple high-performance interconnects, such as Fibre Channel links.
This way the people, not the birds, determined the possible cache locations.
Many also survived in part because of a bird that seeks out the sloughs of the Cache and White Rivers in much the same manner that winter-weary northerners flock to sunnier climes when north winds begin to howl.
Both Mickelson and Grant assert that a good outfitter's cache or camp is neat and unobtrusive.
The global cache director is a multifunctional, solid-state global memory technology that manages data movement between all channel and disk directors.
Storage front ends such as FalconStor's IPStor can optimize the technology by using solid-state disk to emulate the cache pools found in most storage devices.
Common elements of a modular RAID server include host and disk interfaces, processor and data bus, cache, modular disk packaging, and high availability mechanisms.
The end user requests a page from the cache server just as he would from any Web site, using a domain name that is specific to the caching server.