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A prefix or an expanded prefix is cacheable if it has no descendant prefix.
a cacheable food should have different effects on the animal's present value of energy, and on the animal's use of other resource patches containing a noncacheable food.
* Wowza Streaming Engine software delivers unicast streams directly and via tiered networks using both traditional streaming formats and cacheable HTTP formats.
Transferring inline JavaScript and CSS to external (cacheable) includes But beware; poor quality images negatively affect user perception, so do not sacrifice image quality for file size, like in the old days.
Web switches enable Web administrators to create an unlimited number of content rules that bypass the cache for cacheable content at their behest.
Test and set locks may be either cacheable or noncacheable.
Highly personalized, dynamic websites, and applications are not cacheable."
Since the HTTP data is cacheable, the website distributing via HTTP would send a single stream to the first requester.