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If there is a valid cached copy of the requested item, the client returns the item immediately; otherwise, it sends a query request to the server.
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In this paper our focus is on a client-server caching architecture in which queries are submitted, data is cached, and results are displayed at client workstations, while the primary copies of data reside on server machines.
To this end, an N-Chance client only forwards singlets, blocks with only one copy cached, and contacts the manager if a block is not known to be a singlet.
At this point, the prefetch hardware begins to monitor how often a cache miss to block b occurs while block b - 1 is cached, and restarts prefetching if the respective ratio of these two numbers exceeds the lower threshold of the prefetch efficiency.
Observers used binoculars and spotting scopes to identify the vegetation types in which jays cached nuts.
The popularity of content may be different in each location and being assumed that different contents are cached in each of the SBS.
We inspected all trees of pole-sapling size or larger within a rectangular area roughly 625 [m.sup.2] (25 m X 25 m, centered on where we had seen a Red Squirrel near the original mushroom trees on the first visit) to determine how many held cached mushrooms.
The cache instructor allocates the proxy's storage resources efficiently to the cached video objects and also helps to achieve effective cache management policies.
(1) Cache Directory (CD): CD = {M, F, T}, where M is a collection of metadata cache, F is a collection of facilities feature cache, and T is the set of topological relations cache, the CD is dynamic display cached content, and the following will descript the specific content of each directory in detail.
When a user reads a cached file, the client read hits counter [READ_HITS.sub.clent] is increased and the heap is reordered if necessary.
IMDB Cache allows update on the cached tables data and synchronization between the native database data and cached data.