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Figure 2: Pseudo-code for LFU-SS Input: Request for file F Initialization: heap of cached files records /*ordered by client's cache read hit counts */ if F is not in cache { while cache is full { remove file with the least read hits reorder heap to be min-heap } compute initial READ_HITS for file F download file F into cache insert metadata record to the heap reorder heap to be min-heap } else { increase READ HITS value of file F by 1 reorder heap if necessary upload client statistics to server if READ HITS > threshold { for each FILE in cache do { FILE.
Since cached file data reside in IO-Lite buffers, the two issues are closely related.
It also has a WhatsApp Small Video Cache Cleaner, whereby cached files from WhatsApp small videos that pile up over time can be cleaned with just one tap.
Custom settings keep computers hazard-free with automatic sweeps and removal of cookies, web bugs, cached files, history, temp files and other privacy and performance threats.
Wavexpress will also distribute a free pre-release version of TVTonic(TM), a multimedia software platform that combines television with cached files and the Web.
Users work on cached files while offline and Mangomind automatically synchronizes the files once they reconnect.
Since cached files can be accessed more quickly than files stored only in the automated library, intelligent cache management can improve system performance for user-defined file sets and allow AMASS-enabled libraries to be used in more demanding application environments.