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The student hid seeds and 30 days later found only about half as many caches as a bird typically did.
For example, a remote office with 1TB of total data requires only 100GB of cache for its active working data set.
Most caches are outdoors, for the simple reason that GPS receivers don't work indoors.
Caches are structures or areas where supplies are stored for future use.
The technology is usually implemented in a service model, where a service company provides a cached version of a Web site and charges by the number of bytes served to users from the cache.
In SAN topologies with multiple paths to data, mirrored caches require synchronization to insure I/O always access the current state of data regardless of the path used to get to data.
These SAN cache appliances will enable rapid growth of the SAN infrastructure by multiplying application performance and by supporting virtual storage addressing.
High-end RAID controllers typically solve this problem with a memory bus between mirrored caches in the two controllers to maintain synchrony between the caches.