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While Fehlbaum's approach is in many respects deeply admirable, giving architects the longed-for chance to experiment (up next are SANAA), the ambience on what is essentially an ordinary suburban business park must rank as a tad surreal, like a band comprising entirely of egotistical and cacophonous lead vocalists.
The entire group of 15 forms a triangular tableau ascending in height, one of the few moments of geometric symmetry in a visually and aurally ambitious, cacophonous dance that extends Morris' breadth.
The result is an animation with some striking Coralinestyle visuals, cacophonous sound effects and no little consideration for the underdogs.
As any associate at a large firm can attest, when a notice of hearing is received, a nervous and cacophonous scramble often ensues.
To others it's a diverse bun fight of styles, a cacophonous mix reinforced by a deliberate policy that avoids separating out different styles and hanging them together.
Divided into seven chapters, Bharat's presentation ranges from earliest Hindu responses to Christianity up to contemporary India's diverse and cacophonous voices.
For some the resulting theological chorus is symphonic, for others cacophonous, and for still others merely confusing.
That blame lies with the firms themselves, but there's no question that markets around the world have become so cacophonous that it can be hard to hear the right messages.
It always seemed to me to smack of cheesy Burt Reynolds movies and impossibly cacophonous Southern accents and nicknames like "Hog" and "Gator.
The music of this black-led, racially-mixed ensemble leaps out of the speakers with a cacophonous celebration of human possibility and hymns to the spiritual power of love.
His screaming, retching and hyperventilating made drama queen Paul Burrell's cacophonous cavorting look positively manly.
His best-known album, 1969's groundbreaking, cacophonous ``Trout Mask Replica,'' remains one of the most rewarding and intriguing records of the 20th century.