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His next stop is the stunning California coast - home to a cacophonous elephant seal rookery - the largest in the world.
At his wits' end in 2011 with the "obnoxious pterodactyl-like screams" that emanated from the aviary where Ball and Macdissi maintained a menagerie of cacophonous macaws, Tarantino filed a rancorous disruption of the peace lawsuit that was, in the end, settled out of court.
Poor Julius just wanted a little freedom from his family, instead he finds himself captured by Roman soldiers at his Serengeti watering hole and transported to the cacophonous Coliseum where he must fight for his life as a gladiator!
There's a strange vulnerability lurking just beneath the surface of Australian metalcore band The Amity Affliction's loud and cacophonous music.
The jarring hand-held camerawork is a major distraction, and the story as unlovable as the The jarring hand-held camerawork is a major distraction, and the story as unlovable as the cacophonous sound effects which try to make you jump before anything has happened.
If introverts go into a space that's too noisy or cacophonous, it places extra cognitive load on their thought process, which doesn't need to be there if you want to help them do their best thinking."
Five waiters burst through a wall "and serve up a cacophonous echolalia," as one publicity blurb puts it.
The cacophonous noise of such workshops continue to disrupt the peace of mind of the inmates of Ahata Mithu Khan and Baboo Mohallah but no action has ever been taken by the cantonment board against them.
Music evolves Inspired by natural selection in bacteria, an online experiment finds that cacophonous sounds can become musical within just 500 "generations." People chose pleasing sounds from a set of random noises, allowing those sounds to mutate and move to the next round (SN: 7/28/12, p.
That was accomplished in an awkward scene, with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the party's platform chairman, calling for three voice votes that drew a cacophonous mix of "ayes" and "nos" before finally declaring that the amendments had passed.
Abnormalities in the structure and function of brain circuits would be reflected in cacophonous music, chords where the musical "voices" are firing at the wrong rate (pitch), volume (amplitude), or timing.
Ignoring Veryard's gloating and the cacophonous music, Lt Commander Robin Swift of the Royal Australian Navy was kind enough to present the desert Ashes Trophy to Veryard yet again.