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Though cacophonously off-key, beagles especially provide the enchanting music of the hunt with their excited howling as soon as they get on a scent.
And so the faithful were treated to classics such as the rollocking I Can''t Stand Up For Falling Down, the booming Radio, the marching Oliver''s Army and the cacophonously brilliant Man Out of Time.
When a fictional journalist named Carlo Lucarelli logs a report in the middle of Il giorno del lupo, a crime novel by author Carlo Lucarelli, postmodern bells and whistles sound cacophonously, alerting readers to the self-referentially playful nature of the text before them.
The victim invested by an alien presence sometimes aims to write it off, pinning it down by penning it Whether or not writers are more prone to visitations than others, they have this hope of counteracting them, denied perhaps to mental patients, though madness often threatens scribblers too In paranormal tales, conviviality modulates cacophonously into nightmare As with nature, 'chassez les parasites, ils reviennent au galop'.
Character is fate, Amis is wont to declare with the sage Heraclitus, while choristers of multiculturalism, of feminism, and of rebuke (against everything normative or traditional), simultaneously and cacophonously deny it.