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CADASTRE. A term derived from the French, which has been adopted in Louisiana, and which signifies the official statement of the quantity and value of real property in any district, made for the purpose of justly apportioning the taxes payable on such property. 3 Am. St. Pap. 679; 12 Pet. 428, n.

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In the framework of a joint project, the sides will develop software for database management to automate all cadastral procedures on a central level with the introduction of indexed cadastral e-maps throughout Kyrgyzstan.
The construction of cadastral management information system on integration of urban and rural area will establish data foundation on the depth development, extensive usage of land resource and offering information resource services towards the community.
Since the early 1990s National Library map cataloguers have been systematically working through the cadastral maps of each state and territory to provide simple, straightforward access to all the parish and county maps.
The Cadastral Map is organized in chapters devoted to whole regions that developed and sustained distinctive traditions of cadastral mapping, with the chapters arranged in the roughly chronological order of their emergence.
Benefits of the new cadastral system to Municipio de Tampico and its citizens include:
As a result of complex cadastral work, errors related to the wrong location of the boundaries of land plots will be eliminated first and, consequently, the problem of imposing borders of neighboring sites will be solved.
We are pleased to be a part of this major step by Kosovo's government in re-establishing the country's cadastral information system," said Josef Havas, General Manager, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, Czech Republic.
The new provisions of these Regulations are supplemented with requirements for preparation of cadastral data files for roads, lines, lines, water supply and sewage networks and water bodies of state significance, which until now have been established in separate acts approved by the Director of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture.
City employees will use the new GIS for daily activities, such as legal binding, land use planning, resident registration, investor support, fire water supply management, sewer cadastral management, historical monument preservation management and verification of cellular network pole positions.
Systematic registration services for the mixed and intravilanic cadastral sectors that are the object of the infrastructure project of national interest "trgu-jiu bypass variant", by lot
Intergraph will provide FLCS with more than 20 copies of the ImageStation(R) Stereo Softcopy Kits (SSK) from Z/I Imaging for photogrammetry, along with mapping and GIS solutions that include GeoMedia(R) products, services, training and support to expand their cadastral mapping system.
Implementation of cadastral work on the production of technical plans for residential premises (apartments) located on the territory of the city of penza, staging them for cadastral registration and (or) registration of the right of municipal property (in accordance with the terms of reference in the enclosed file - tz apartments.