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A cadaverous odor, redolent of the lake's fetid depths, permeated the night air.
He reflected powerfully on the horrors of war--for example, in the shadowy, dread-infused Liquidation of the Ghetto, 1949, with its cadaverous freedom fighter, lifeless child, and prone, hysterical woman clumped claustrophobically together.
Wull's fundamental goodness inspires him to aid others on his trip: a living man made of straw and cadaverous body parts; a little girl; and a woman who carries a wooden baby.
at my nape, dun strop, heavy- hanging, cadaverous, upon which he
The image of Litvinenko lying on his bed at London's University College Hospital, cadaverous and having lost his hair, was emblazoned across British and other Western newspapers and later shown to the inquiry.
Me / with my cadaverous face- /saving device, also / known as a smile" (Friedlander, "I Died of Shame").
In my most recent emergency, upon being brought in, I was incredulous to behold an old, rather cadaverous man up on his feet by his bed, looking impatient, apparently cleared for discharge.
A queen (Salma Hayek) asks a cadaverous old wizard to grant her a wish, and the wizard replies that her wish can only be granted if an opposite action also takes place, to preserve equilibrium: "Every desire corresponds to another".
ABR's fee schedule includes "First Trimester cadaverous specimens for $550" and "Second Trimester cadaverous specimens for $340.
Thus, everything turns to the worse under the pen of the poet: the fire of love and pleasure becomes the image of a physical combustion; "the charming chalice of beauty", "the wistful kisses", "the intoxication with love" become signs of liquefaction, of the mortuary masque worn by the cadaverous body.
Father Svoboda, a tall, cadaverous man with the sallow complexion of one in poor health, came to my door one September afternoon on a quest to salvage my soul and, more importantly, the soul of my daughter Jennifer.
More telly-friendly than his cadaverous predecessor Michel Roux Jr.