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There are 8 systems available from 6 different companies, out of which currently 3 main systems are in use for digital impression making, such as the Lava Chairside Oral Scanner by 3M, the CEREC AC by Sirona, and the cadent iTero system.
Here's what came through loud and clear: Shoppers are telling us that the importance of discounts, value and coupons is still paramount," says Ken Harris, Cadent managing partner.
Cadent Energy Partners Cadent, a A private equity firm, is relocating from 800 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook, NY into 6,589 s/f.
Glidewell Laboratories has made great strides in case-to-case consistency using Objet's 3-D Printing systems to manufacture dental models for its dentist customers that utilize intra-oral digital scanners like Cadent iTero, Lava COS and Glidewell's own IOS system," said Grant Bullis, Director of CAD/CAM Engineering.
Minin's crisp and cadent readings of the poems make us realize something very fundamental--namely, that for all these years we have been looking at Russian Futurist books with the sound turned off.
According to the manufacturer, Cadent is designed to replace the uncomfortable and imprecise method of conventional impression taking.
Walk the parks or beaches of Los Angeles and you may find joggers in step with the cadent commands of a drill sergeant-like instructor.
who reconstructs reality in accordance with his own obsessions, through his control over the word, that impetuous, pliable, cadent, chromatic, sculpted speech" (19), goes to the heart of the affinity between these two writers.
We replenish our glasses and McCann plunges into his keynote address, a cadent stream of talking points and factoids, the iambs of a deftly spun pentameter.
rupta si mole Typhoeus prosiliat, vinclis Tityos si membra resolvat, si furor Enceladi proiecta mugiat Aetna, opposito Stilichone cadent.
200-202): Tango aras, medios ignis et numina testor: / nulla dies pacem hanc Italis nec foedera rumpet, / quo res cumque cadent, <<Je touche les autels, j'en atteste les feux et les dieux qui sont au milieu de nous: nul jour ne rompra du cote italien cette paix et ces traites, quoi qu'il advienne>>.