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Steve Tadlock, a Vice President with Cadent Energy Partners, said, "ESH continues to grow both organically and through acquisitions.
It has received funding from the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Program and the Energy Storage Program at the US Department of Energy, as well as equity investments from GE Energy Financial Services and top-tier venture investors Rockport Capital (with offices in Menlo Park, CA and Boston, MA), Polaris Venture Partners (Boston, MA and Seattle, WA), and Cadent Energy Partners (Stamford, CT and Houston, TX).
This distribution agreement with Straumann continues the on-going execution of our global market penetration strategy for iTero," said Timothy Mack, President of Cadent.
He joined Cadent in 2005 as General Manager of the dental area and was named Chief Operating Officer in 2007.
iTero allows for the fabrication of all types of restorations: veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and implant abutments, from single units to full arches," said Timothy Mack, Chief Operating Officer of Cadent.
Our commitment to continuously improve upon iCast's functionality has led to a growing number of new features and benefits," said Timothy Mack, chief operating officer of Cadent.
Additionally, the combined Cadent iTero and OrthoCAD divisions processed over 350,000 cases in 2008 and more than 1.
Les grandes thematiques de la predication traditionnelle cadent le pas a des problemes tres concrets, qui temoignent tout autant des preoccupations des au diteurs que de I'essor d'une nouvelle vision du monde.
According to the manufacturer, Cadent is designed to replace the uncomfortable and imprecise method of conventional impression taking.
Fortissimo has successfully exited several of its portfolio companies, including selling NUR Macroprinters (Nasdaq: NURM) to HP (NYSE: HPQ) for $123 million, selling Cadent to Align Technologies (Nasdaq: ALGN) for $190 million, selling AOD Software to a USA private equity firm, and the IPO of SodaStream (Nasdaq: SODA) and selling its holdings at a valuation of $800 million.
The other vendors mentioned in the report are 3M ESPE, AS Technology, Biodentis GmbH, Cadent Inc.
The exclusive distribution agreement in Europe was signed in 2009 between Straumann and Cadent Inc.