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CADET. A younger brother, one trained up for the army or navy.

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That's why AV Dawson, along with Nifco, SABIC, Nissan and Evans Halshaw, have all been quick to sign up to support the cadetship.
"Jordan's experiences on the cadetship course obviously caught Connor's attention, but they also opened our eyes up to the potential of the superyacht industry, the variety of experiences possible, plus the money they can earn and save from an early age.
"A total of 32 cadets were inducted from the 2011 officer cadetship competition.
"This is another manifestation of the success of the pioneering Cadetship Programme in ADNATCO and NGSCO, which has produced more than 250 UAE nationals since its inception in 1994 with the support of ADNOC and its Group of Companies.
The Yale college cadetship will offer valuable paid work experience in the fire service or police to youngsters who may want to join..
He was educated at Beckenham and Penge County Grammar School, and in 1949 was awarded a cadetship to the RAF college, Cranwell, where he trained as a pilot.
The court heard that at the time of the offence, Ahmed was about to complete a two-year cadetship with Strathclyde Police and had just passed an interview to become a full-time constable.
Through Dr Woodhill's programme 1 received a dietetics cadetship from Sydney's Prince Henry, Prince of Wales and Eastern Suburbs Hospitals group enabling training as a dietitian during university session breaks.
Education schemes to date include a cadetship scheme which is recruiting graduates into the agri-food sector and courses designed to provide companies with continuous business improvement tools.
The eldest son was nominated for his cadetship on the recommendation of Sir David Scott, an old family friend and one of Hannah Knowles's executors, while the two younger sons were both nominated on Peacock's recommendation.
'I was sponsored through my medical cadetship by the Navy and will now serve with them for 10 years.
(32) After passing examinations in law during their cadetship, SAS officers usually became responsible for administering the law in the lower courts in their districts.