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CADET. A younger brother, one trained up for the army or navy.

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The eldest son was nominated for his cadetship on the recommendation of Sir David Scott, an old family friend and one of Hannah Knowles's executors, while the two younger sons were both nominated on Peacock's recommendation.
A Midland schoolgirl has fulfilled the first part of her dream to fly jets by becoming the youngest person to be offered a coveted RAF University Cadetship.
There is no shortage of people applying for cadetships and it is only right that we capitalise on this momentum and create the conditions for more UK training and employment opportunities within the maritime sector.
Cadetships are available if you sign up for 16 years.
A Regional and Small Publishers cadetship program to support 200 cadetships; and 60 regional journalism scholarships.
Mr Combs said the cadetships CareerTrackers would be providing as a result of the Governments investment would be a key to the success of the students participating in the Indigenous Internship Programme.
They will coordinate career planning, mentoring and support services, cadetships, apprenticeships, employment and volunteering opportunities.
"Local people will also be able to access cadetships and graduate recruitment schemes meaning students can expect high-quality, fit-for-purpose training that provides on the job work experience," Dr Napthine said.
"We have some innovative and successful programs including the Parental and Community Engagement (PaCE) program, Sporting Chance and Indigenous Ranger Cadetships," Mr Garrett said.