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Here a troupe of actors repetitively and obsessively works through character studies culled from scenarios that range from the broadly physical slapstick entertainment that was part of Irish wakes a few centuries ago to the life of Birdie Jo Hoaks, a twenty-fiv e-year-old woman who passed as a thirteen-year-old orphan boy to cadge welfare benefits in the mid-'90s.
One way these congressional staffers use their power is to cadge free travel from organizations with a keen interest in pending legislation.
More likely the analysis was a gambit in the ongoing White House drive to cadge additional campaign contributions from business by gutting or delaying health and safety regulations (see Christine Triano and Nancy Watzman, "Immoral, Illegal and Deadly," March 23).
Gary Cadge, the church's pastor, said: "In digging around the archives in preparation for the anniversary celebration, we have found that the building has a fascinating history and this project will enable us to make it sustainable for the future.
I may have to cadge a lift but it will be an emotional day.
They cadge every thing from lawnmowers to DVDs from friends and family and then fail to give them back, a survey by the Post Office has revealed, reports the Daily Express.
It's a place where the put-upon nurses roll condoms over the fire sprinklers so they can cadge a crafty fag in the loos and where the temptation to tuck into the untouched birthday cake of the 80-year-old woman who died in the night manages to be resisted all day.
A lot seem to be train spotters - like the old Bishop of Wakefield, Eric Treacey, who was forever trying to cadge lifts in someone else's A4 Pacific.
After all, any old three-piece can cadge enough money to book an hour in a studio, roll off a cassette or two (we are talking about the mid-90s here), and bung them in the post to every radio station, music mag and record company they could think of.
The on/off boyfriend of model Kate Moss emerged from Telford police station in good spirits, pausing to cadge a cigarette from a reporter and proceeding to nurse a pint of Guinness at a nearby pub.
The arrangements are straight out of Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, and Burt Bacharach--they even cadge from The Prefab Four's theme song