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CORONATION Street's Les Battersby will have cadged his last few pounds to buy a packet of cigarettes, while chain-smoking Dot Cotton of EastEnders will end up in a cancer ward - if the Government gets its way.
It was one he cadged from an event sponsored by Councilman Richard Alarcon.
He hasn't lived a life that's full, but seen it through the bottom of a glass that's only full when he's cadged a pint.
Reguero's teammate Owain Tudur Jones later revealed he cadged a lift in the patrol car because he didn't want to pay for a taxi.
He added: ``I'vealways cadged lifts or got taxis before, whatever's going.
ROBERTSON has revealed he cadged a lift on the England team coach - after scoring the winning goal against them at Wembley in 1981.