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An employee of Cadger's Brae said: "We managed to get customers out safely and quickly and also stopped the weather from coming in."
But the home fans had to wait until 65 minutes to feel certain of the points, Fraser's free-kick being headed on by Chris Steel for Graeme Cadger to knock home.
In The Eunuch Terence sketches the art of the cadger, who has to be adaptable for his very survival Gradually the term parasite' underwent a pejoration; the scrounger got a worse and worse press.
A "cadger" was someone who accompanied hunters wearing a wooden frame about his body on which would be tied the birds which were then handed to the hunters.
The other is the histrionic, ranting, overpraised wordsmith; drunkard, cadger, thief and womaniser, who finally got what he deserved; the Americans would call it his come-uppance.
A shnorrer is someone who is a monster cadger, always on the take and never giving back.
CADGER (Peterhead) The family of the late Eunice Cadger wish to convey their sincere thanks to all who have expressed their sympathy in so many ways during the recent sad loss of a much loved ma, motherin-law and nana.
The firm's Scott Cadger said: "Our claims statistics for 2017 separate the facts from fiction.
Michael Easton, 13, was last seen alive in the Cadger's Brae area of Grangemouth just before 10pm on Friday night.
An unnamed developer wants to build the homes on fields off Cadger Bank, Lanchester.
SMILES: Lewie Townson, from Tynemouth; GAMES: James Sprowson, from Gosforth; PLAYING: Connor Secrette, from Gosforth; WINNER: Sally Gunnell at the European Cup Final; INSPIRING: Sally Gunnell at a Tumble Tots session in Monkseaton with Scarlett Wilson Baker PICTURES: TONY HALL ref: 01296858; SPENDING QUALITY TIME: Rhiannon Cadger, from Wideopen, plays on the wiggly worm