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A very interesting section of the book tackles fantastic literature (Conan Doyle, Hoffmann, Nodier, Maupassant), and its train of vampires, succubi, and doubles These are mainly internal parasites, sustaining themselves on the body or soul of the generally helpless hosts Another fruitful area treated is science fiction, especially the Alien series of films: the organism that explodes out of the belly and then feeds off other humans' DNA Of course, certain social cadgers, pique-assiettes like Balzac's Cousin Pons, are harmless, and seek only nourishment An anorexic parasite is inconceivable How to get rid of these uninvited or invited guests (like the encumbering corpse in Ionesco's Amedee)?
But is it not us wannabes who pay for your palaces and keep you and your brood of useless cadgers in champagne?
The victim was crossing the M9 at Cadgers Brae, Grangemouth, on Wednesday morning when she was hit by a car driven by a 38-year-old local woman.
They were seen between the Cadgers Brae and Earlsgate junctions on Saturday.
DalgleishhasBlownIt Blown It's strike in the 5f handicap for owner David Savala and jockey Joe Fanning completed a double for trainer Keith Dalgleish, who had celebrated a one-two in the 1m2f handicap with Luctor Emergo and Cadgers Brig.
Cadgers living off benefit at taxpayers' expense when they should be working.