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Who wants music about dead dogs, wanderlust wives and tramps cadging lifts on trains?
DOUBLE gold winning swimmer Gregor Tait enjoyed the welcome at the airport - before cadging a lift from the First Minister.
Some diehard Lollards, such as the outspoken William Thorpe, saw them as a kind of ongoing knees up which provided pilgrims with little more than an excuse for lying about their experiences (and thus cadging drinks in taverns) for the rest of their lives.
They taught me all the country ways including collecting moorhen eggs, scrumping for fruit, pulling up potatoes and cadging dried milk from the mill.
An onlooker said: "He was cadging drinks and you could tell he had been drinking.
These days, the word is also used to mean wheedling, scrounging or cadging.
And if that wasn't bad enough, I'm sick of the martyrdom of the dour-faced, designated driver - as if you cadging a lift puts the burden of the universe on them.
Asserting that our Prime Minister is an arrogant freeloader for cadging a free holiday in Italy, that Jack Straw is allowing our country to be over-run by undesirable foreigners and that "Two Jags" is an incompetent buffoon is hardly novel stuff.
She insisted that out went cheeky builders, swearing, lewd comments and the constant cadging of tea and digestives from housewives that are the trade-marks of most workmen.
I knew him from the Sav-On parking lot, where he washed car windshields in hopes of cadging spare change; I knew him from the 7-Eleven, where he would stand by the door and ask, ``Do you happen to have an extra quarter - I need some money for lunch''; and I knew him from before, at the county jail farm, where he had worked under my tutelage propagating English ivy and trailing African daisies.