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certificate of deposit (CD)

n. a document issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money which pays a fixed interest rate for a specified period (from a month to several years). Interest rates on CD's are usually higher than savings accounts because banking institutions require a commitment to leave money in the CD for a fixed period of time. Often there is a financial penalty (fee) for cashing in a CD before the pledged time runs out.

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While the XRF screening is unable to determine if cadmium and/or lead can leach out of these mugs and plates, the results provide a good marker on the presence of these toxic chemicals in glazes or in paints, which can pose a potential health risk for workers and for consumers, especially if used for preparing, storing or serving highly acidic foods and liquids," said Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.
Cette mesure de changement de la reglementation, a moins que la CPG ne decide des maintenant d'installer des techniques d'elimination ou de baisse des taux de cadmium, pourrait aussi impacter les ventes tunisiennes de fertilisants et d'engrais de phosphate, la demande de l'UE s'orientant surtout vers la Russie dont le phosphate contiendrait nettement moins de cadmium.
However, cadmium is just the elemental building block of my contender, which is the cadmium homolog of dimethylmercury, known as dimethylcadmium.
More than 50% of respondents who plate cadmium believe they have no other option for corrosion protection, as one stated, "We are dependent upon what the [original equipment] manufacturer specifies when it comes to corrosion resistant plating.
They had until October 1988 to provide a clear and reasonable warning before knowingly and intentionally exposing anyone to cadmium.
Conclusion: The results of this study revealed that CBO has protective effect against the toxic effects in rat testes induced by cadmium.
The cadmium (Cd) occurs in nature at low concentrations, but human activities have caused Cd contamination in all continents with the exception of Antarctica [5].
Cadmium is non-essential and is one of the most toxic heavy metals which entered into the environment from metal plating, smelting, cadmium- nickel containing batteries, phosphate fertilizers, industrial sludge, electroplating and mining industry.
Our aim is to optimize cadmium removal by Design of Experiment (DoE) by taking in account all interaction parameters by multivariate sorption.
Group IV: pretreated with the extract (100 mg/kg/bw) for 10 days and then cadmium chloride (10 mg/kg/bw) orally for 1 day.
In this research, the doping of cadmium sulfide with zinc increases blue light sorption window by cadmium sulfide nanostructures.
Exposure of plants to toxic amount of cadmium affects germination and compromises the growth and development of the plants (GUIMARAES et al.