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Education dept's management cadre threatens protest in Banigala for post upgradation, service structure
Our ongoing partnership with Cadre underscores this commitment.
He further said the current highest qualification in middle management and operational cadres was masters degree, and that the lowest qualification was junior certificate.
La reception des demandes de souscription dans le cadre du Placement Global se fera a partir du 05/12/2016.
La notion actuelle de cadre depasse, tout en l'englobant, la fonction de delimitation.
The Qatargas cadre leaders designed and facilitated their own workshops for the students, in which they passed on some of the lessons and insights gained throughout the year.
The addition of the Cadre team and their outstanding operational and logistics capabilities allows us to provide our customers with a high quality, regionally-produced product which effectively meets the demands of many Permian oil and gas wells.
The acquired business will now operate as Cadre, a US Silica Company.
The pre-1949 revolutionary experience in Zhejiang led to a power struggle between two elite groups after 1949: the guerrilla cadre group and the southbound cadre group.
L'espace des cadres du PPS a Casablanca organise le samedi 02 mars 2013 a 9H30 du matin une table ronde sous le theme: [beaucoup moins que]Quelle(es) reforme(es) pour les systemes de retraite au Maroc?
For a Western scholar, studying the cadre and personnel management system (ganbu yu renshi guanli zhidu) in the Communist Party of China (CPC) is an endeavour fraught with difficulties.