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Viable gametes of at least three species of capitellids with relatively small eggs (Dasybranchus caducus, N.
These were remarked on by Bookhout (1957) in Dasybranchus caducus, Rasmussen (1956) in Mediomastus fragile, and in this study in N.
For example, there is no indication that the larvae of Dasybranchus caducus have metatrochs (Bookhout, 1957).
The development of Dasybranchus caducus from the egg to the preadult.
Tupinambis merianae (Dumeril and Bibron, 1839), Ameiva ameiva, Stenocercus caducus (Cope, 1862) and Cercosaura eigenmanni (Griffin, 1917) were captured in pasture matrix, but only the first was not trapped in all gradient transects.
Por ejemplo, para Stenocercus caducus (Cope, 1862) en Brasil, se ha encontrado una dieta preferentemente insectivora, donde los juveniles incluyen una menor cantidad de tipo de presa y de menor tamano que las consumidas por adultos, con una predominancia numerica de ejemplares de artropodos, hormigas y termitas, y predominancia volumetrica de ortopteros y abejas (Avila et al.
Reproductive biology and feeding habits of Stenocercus caducus (Iguanidae) in semideciduous forest in Central Brazil.
The type of the genus Uranoscodon from tropical South America is present too in the Stenocercini tribe, with Stenocercus guentheri from Ecuador, Ophryessoides caducus from Northern Argentina, Proctotetrus pectinatus and P.
ebraeus, while a capitellid, probably Dasybranchus caducus, composed 66% of the prey of adult C.
judaeus consumed the capitellid Dasybranchus caducus (Table 3).
Anew species of lizards related to Stenocercus caducus (Cope) (Squamata: Iguanidae) from Peru and Bolivia, with a key to the "Ophryoessoides group".