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Lessert, 1923 (2010) Oonopidae Oonops caecus Mokhotlong Benoit (1975) Benoit, 1975 (29[degrees]17'S 29[degrees]05'E) * Oxyopidae Peucetia Dippenaar- maculifera Not specified Schoeman et al.
kaihi), Fi kaihi 'cataract' seems best explained as a loan from Proto-Germanic *xaixaz (> Gothic haihs 'one-eyed '; cognate with Latin caecus 'blind ').
Plutarch, giving an idealizing interpretation of names like Caecus ("blind"), praises the morals of calling familiar things as they are (Coriol'.
Appendix The Aqueducts of Rome Length Date Discharge Location (km) built Constructed by (cubic m) Appia 16 312 BCE Appius Clausius Caecus 73 000 Anio Vetus 64 273 BCE Manius Curius Dentatus and Lucius 175 920 Marcia 91 144 BCE Quintus Marcus Rex 187 600 Tepula 18 125 BCE G.