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When arrested, Caelum told officers he had been a heavy drugs user and had drug-related debts and had agreed to "carry out errands".
Thus, while Seneca's heroine gets on an ethereal highway ramp--"patuit in caelum uia" (a path has opened to heaven; 1.
Modern constellation reform moved NGC 1851 from the constellation Caelum into Columba.
ad caelum et ad inferos ("for whomever owns the soil, it is theirs
Then indeed a shout went up to heaven (in caelum clamore sublato) as the pagans gasped at the miracle (gentiles stupere miraculo), the monks wept for joy (monachi flere prae gaudio), and all with one accord acclaimed the name of Christ; and you may be sure that on that day salvation came to the region.
In the four days SNAG ran at the Dubai World Championship, it did expose some potential Rory McIlroys of tomorrow like two year-old Caelum Brook who won one of the prizes up for grabs.
Et cum dicto prospicio quandam feminam luculentam radium dextera, altera sphaeram solidam gestitantem amictamque laevorsum peplo, in quo siderum magnitudines et meatus, circulorum mensurae conexionesque vel formae, umbra etiam telluris in caelum quoque perveniens vel lunae orbes ac soils auratos caliganti murice decolorans inter sidera videbatur.
She and her husband Caelum return to his family farm in Connecticut to heal the wounds and try to save their marriage.
The Latin word caelum (literally, chisel), carries with it the connotation of "engraved," and the emblem book Parthenia Sacra (1633, page 85) points out that the heavens are "all en graved over, because the Zodiack" is "cut, as with a chisel," heaven thus being "fully stockd with beasts, carved" or "engraved.
The image of being borne up on eagles' wings appears again in the Song of Moses (Attende, caelum, Deut 32:11-12) in the very same context, the rescue from Egypt and the Lord's protection in the desert.
Nam nostra nobis amicissima patria caelum est, non Florentina, non Tuscia, non Italia, non Europa, non totus denique terrarum orbis, non mundis hic universus inferior.
In the De raptu Proserpinae, Ceres, the mother of Proserpine and the spouse of Zeus, questions Electra, Proserpine's nurse, after Proserpine is abducted: "regnatne maritus / an caelum Titanes habent?