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Soon we are taking action against cage bird business and all those found involved in violating Wildlife Act will face action, said Istiaq Urmar, Provincial Minister for Environment.
Principal prices: Cage birds - Pair Rubino Rosellas pounds 85 Pair Golden Mantels Rosellas pounds 55 Pair White Faced Cockatiels pounds 52 Pair Lovebirds pounds 32 Pair Budgies pounds 20 Poultry & Waterfowl - Pair Emperor Geese pounds 200 Pair Hawaiian Geese pounds 130 Pair Barhead Geese pounds 130 Pair Silver Seabrights pounds 105 Three Light Sussex Pullets pounds 90 Trio White Crested Black Polish pounds 85 Pair Pied Peacocks pounds 85.
Trading standards say the codes on eggs donate where they are from which should help buyers with 0 denoting organic, 1 free range, 2 barn eggs and 3 eggs from cage birds.