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Among us were exhausted activists who had finally returned from the racism conference in South Africa, cagey former Act-Uppers, and Vagina Monologue-ists.
The bank's officials are cagey when it comes to talking about these big-biz deals.
Sure, he's cagey, or he couldn't have run Goldman Sachs or wowed them up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.
Flanagan said Prudential has been cagey about plans for new products.
Asked directly by Daily Tax Report if the Coalition had urged the senators to seek an investigation against Americans United, Coalition spokesman Chris Freund remained cagey, replying only, "We're not answering that right now.
However, despite the president's assurances that the two sites were attacked "because of the imminent threat they presented to our national security," subsequent reports suggest a pattern of official obfuscation that calls to mind Clinton's cagey grand jury testimony.
Consequently, while board personnel are cagey about the future of the AIDS curriculum, the objecting parents are not appeased.
They were always quite cagey and would sometimes get angry if you asked what they'd done at the weekend.
After a cagey start, which saw eventual man-of-the-match Josh Voss in commanding form, Banks took the lead through Matty Fleming who then went on to set up Macaully Nugent for the second.
Both Airforce Posh and Cagey Lilly boast unbeaten records in the event with the main threat likely to come from the former who has shown she can win from the front or from behind.