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The consequence of such efforts is that "presenters have gotten cagier," he said: While avoiding blatant slanting of evidence, they now adopt such subtle ploys as applying different statistical standards to studies of the sponsor's drugs and those of other manufacturers.
Just a little bit better than regular humans, they're a bit smarter, a bit cagier, and a bit more flexible.
Round two was a cagier affair and despite a flurry from Harrison raising a huge cheer, it was Abelyan who found his way through with a couple of testing jabs.
It could develop into a much cagier affair than anticipated, with fewer points scored.
But fear not, matches are bound to get cagier, and profits WILL swell.
European matches tend to be cagier and while Arsenal were exposed badly and early in their Group H opener at Standard Liege, they got tighter as the game wore on.
I think Barca may still have a lot of the ball but breaking through United's backline will be difficult Probably cagier at the start than we'd all hope, but there's enough talent on the pitch to make something happen to give us the spectacle that the occasion deserves It'll be tight for the first 20 minutes unless we get an early goal.
While I envisage quite an open affair at Eastlands, I can only see it being a lot cagier at Anfield.
In the latter, knockout stages of major international tournaments, games tend to become cagier, even when they involve teams who have previously featured in open, high-scoring encounters.
In a nutshell, international football tends to be cagier than club football.
You tend to get slower, cagier contests than you do even in top-class club football.