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The longer the game goes without a goal, the cagier they will become.
When Lammertink was recruited, however, he needed to be cagier because he had gone looking for big, possibly extinct, woodpeckers twice before.
Otto Octavius, a man whose power goes awry and he becomes obsessed with control: Land Man, more powerful than any No-Growth faction, cagier than The Joker and able to leap political etiquette in a single threat: "The gloves are off.
Henry, for example, has a comely mistress (Julia Vysotsky) and he's willing to marry her off to secure what he wants, even though her brother happens to be France's 19-year-old king, Phillip (the stellar Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), who proves a cagier adversary than Henry could have imagined.
But Augustans in general, and the Chronicle's editors in particular, were cagier about industry than other Georgians because of their stillborn pre-war efforts to turn the city into a Southern Lowell.
The consequence of such efforts is that "presenters have gotten cagier," he said: While avoiding blatant slanting of evidence, they now adopt such subtle ploys as applying different statistical standards to studies of the sponsor's drugs and those of other manufacturers.
Just a little bit better than regular humans, they're a bit smarter, a bit cagier, and a bit more flexible.
Some of the cagier SAM operators, well versed in US SEAD tactics, have become proficient in turning their radars on momentarily, getting a shot off and shutting down immediately, quenching the radar beam before the HARM can ride it in.
Rousseau or even the Brontes' cagier British contemporaries Dickens and
A year ago, rugby league fans would be licking their licks at the prospects of another classic between two quality outfits but with both sides struggling for form it looks set to be a much cagier affair today.