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Tottenham continue to score goals for fun and now that their targets are higher - they must be looking at a top-four finish now that Liverpool are on the ropes - this becomes an away match they will be striving to win from the off rather than playing it cagily and waiting for opportunities.
Stadium of Light boss Peter Reid was also playing it cagily when he said: "We've now got 10 games out of the way and it's going great.
Bishop Auckland 1 Darlington 1883 3 IT began cagily, disjointed and with the rudest of awakenings.
If and when we appoint a new manager,' Jordan said cagily last night, 'it won't automatically mean Steve Bruce is free to go.
A bout of aerial ping-pong may have done little for the purists as the second half began cagily, Alex Tait winning his battle of the tram-lines with Mark Cueto and Macleod, and in the scrum it was still the visitors enjoying the nudge.
We'll be looking to win because trying to play cagily is a risky business.
I will cagily await any results from the articles they recently found.
However, the 34-yearold veteran responded cagily to reports Brugge had thrown the towel in and refused to play for Georges Leekens, who was sacked at the weekend.
Sporting have cagily left Vijay Singh out of their finishing positions but feature the former champion, who has cried off two of his last three tournaments because of back injury, on their Rest of the World index.
I thought we might start cagily after leading from the first leg but not a bit of it.
He cagily explains: "Aunt Hilda lived close to an accident blackspot, and I'm not saying she picked up pieces from the road, but there were always bike bits in her shed.
On the other hand,'' he adds cagily, ``if people want to see that, given the decline of morality or compassion in our culture, this young man is the antidote to our future, and react accordingly, that's OK by me.