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He cagily added that after "a couple of quarters of producing the accretion to earnings we've promised investors," it might be possible to make substantial financial moves once more.
Mohler, who had at one time supported women's ordination himself (he claims, cagily, to have changed his mind "through biblical study"), enforced the new party line at great cost, proving that he was willing to lose a respected school at his institution rather than bend on this gender-based line in the sand.
I must admit not especially enjoying Sobolev's cagily jouissant deconstruction of his own deconstructions.
Of my other twenty-three novels, we hear nothing, so my early contribution to the anti-Nazi resistance figures like a sample in a test tube, a cagily set-up synecdoche amid, presumably, kindred books.
In an apparent attempt to entice young readers to tackle Card's novels, Tyson cagily refuses to spoil the endings of his thrillers.
To give only two examples: When Sokurov wants to make a sudden jump in space--an effect that would have been easy to achieve, had he allowed himself any cuts--he cagily has a pair of hands intrude into the frame.
The mayor had a politician's way of shifting the onus to other people's shoulders like, "if you think he's qualified," so I cagily asked, "How did your wife come in contact with Clyde?
As part of his effort to undermine such essent ialisms, he cagily begins the section added to the 1892 Life and Times by listing the various questions he was regularly asked about the interconnected issues of his racial status and marriage:
McCain cagily retreated to his "Straight Talk Express" after announcing his campaign suspension and refused to answer any questions, including the inevitable question about current third-party intentions.
He now says somewhat cagily, "Now that I've looked into the issue, I understand POGO's point of view.
As one Napa vintner cagily told me, "Russian River Pinot noirs beat Napa Valley Pinots all to hell