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7 TIM VISSER Starved of usable ball due to the caginess of both sides when it came to chucking it around.
If the atmosphere at the ground was more like that of the curtain raiser to a major tournament than a qualifier, then so too did Lebanon begin with the caginess of a side playing a knockout tie.
I don't think there'll be any caginess, just primarily because we know each other so well.
But for County, who have now gone 13 games without a win in the First Division, the early-season promise they showed has evaporated to be replaced by a caginess that could yet see them and their likeable boss, Andy Kilner, dragged into the scrap at the bottom of the table.
behind him, Leatherdale spoke with the confidence and caginess of a man accustomed to planning his every move and every word.
Some of the caginess of the opening rounds disappreaded as bothe fighters landed a couple of decent shots - Evatt a goss left hook which sent Rutherford back onto the ropes, Rutherford a left-right combination at the end of the round which seemedto put him in charge.
Adams's caginess in this conversation allows other possible interpretations--if he does want to spare his son's feelings, he may simply be weighing what he should divulge as the conversation progresses, which in turn leads him to contradict himself.
Edson's caginess about Christianity is more than a promotional gimmick.
I can guarantee every encounter will raise your heart rate and adrenaline, giving you a full appreciation for the survival skills and caginess of these animals.
But Bordwell's persistent caginess about the claims he makes for Hong Kong film might raise some questions.
In person, Pillsbury, a blue-eyed, consciously polished figure in his early sixties, is a combination of charm and caginess.
Horton's slightly defensive caginess about the ideological dimensions of Haas's editorial agenda and scholarly approach goes along with a misconstrual of some finer points of recent arguments to the contrary.