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One of the things that I find really cool about her is what I consider her caginess," author Wally Lamb told a reporter.
From one, skipper Michael Dawson attempted a galloping volley which flew wide, a red-raw Cup tie breaking out after the first-half caginess.
One of the outstanding strengths of the deconstructive current in literary criticism has been its caginess about .
The only marginally trustworthy person around is an inscrutable beauty whose caginess leaves the besotted hero lost in the high weeds.
Although door-to-door "cold calls" do not effectively begin or advance one's art career, the film's director Jeff Stimmel exposes the standard caginess that permeates the city's high-end galleries.
Eliot's caginess regarding Browning becomes more understandable when one locates it within this context of repeated, often pejorative comparisons of the two poets by contemporary reviewers.
It was impossible to say whether his caginess was an attempt to be dramatic or a way of trying to spare her an awful truth.
Morecambe goalkeeper Scott Davies' first task of the afternoon was to pick the ball out of the net after a lively start before a 40,000-plus crowd, in stark contrast to the caginess which marred the previous day's showpiece.
In person, Pillsbury, a blue-eyed, consciously polished figure in his early sixties, is a combination of charm and caginess.
Horton's slightly defensive caginess about the ideological dimensions of Haas's editorial agenda and scholarly approach goes along with a misconstrual of some finer points of recent arguments to the contrary.
Both Alan Pardew and Rafael Benitez are well-versed in caginess and of course they will want tonight's game to end without significant injuries.
But his very caginess helps prevent the film from busting out--ith irreverence, outrageousness, penetrating insight, anything--in a way that would give it a full-fledged personality of its own.