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Los Angeles, CA, February 14, 2013 --( Totally Toto Tuesday, a Facebook campaign created to help rescue Cairn terriers from animal shelters across the country and promote Summertime Entertainment's upcoming 3D animated feature film Dorothy of Oz, has been nominated for “The Earnies,” PR Newswire's community-chosen awards program that honors excellence in earned media through social-media channels.
From the twenty dogs examinated with PSS, the following breed distribution were obtained: Yorkshire (5/20 or 25%), Shih Tzu (4/20 or 20%), Lhasa Apso (2/20 or 10%), mixed breed (2/20 or 10%), and Maltese, Spitz, Poodle, Border collie, Miniature Schnauzer, Cairn terrier, Rottweiler (1/20 or 5% each one).
Pickles with, from left, Eric Sykes, Ray Galton, Alan Simpson and Pickles' owner, Jeanne Corbett CAIRN Terrier Terry's name was officially changed to Toto after she starred in 1939 movie The Wizard Of Oz.
Q I have a 6-year -old mixed breed who looks like a Maltese -Poodle, though his DNA test shows he's part Cairn Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Havanese and Chinese Crested.
Dogs: Their Secret Lives C4, 8pm This week it's Layla the Springer Spaniel, Nash the Cairn Terrier and Thor the Great Dane having their every bark and poop analysed.
Pet rescue BINX is a three-year-old Cairn Terrier who needs someone around most of the time, although another kind dog would help this anxiety disappear over time.
EARNING HIS STRIPES: Cairn terrier, Chow, on his first birthday in his new jumper, as sent in by Helen Sheldon HOUSE CAT: John Hancox, Roland Avenue, Holbrooks sent in this picture of his cat William.
Mean spinster Almira Gulch (played to the hilt by Missy King who does NOT play the Oz villain "Wicked Witch of the West" but is a scene stealer on her adult-size tricycle) is bitten by Dorothy's pet cairn terrier, Toto (played by 10-month-old cairn terrier pup Paige, another scene stealer).
Some may also be astonished to find that owning a cairn terrier makes Simon Cowell agreeable.
Sixteen-month-old Lilly Llewellyn suffered long-term injuries after her ordeal at the hands of her grandmother's pet Cairn terrier.
My little Cairn Terrier is six years old, thanks to persistence on my part to go the distance.
I have also lived happily with Staffordshire bull terriers - which can be the gentlest dogs on the face of the earth - collie cross mongrels, Cairn terrier, Border terrier and a Lab/Basset cross.