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LORRA LAUGHS Paul with Cairn terrier Olga on TV, with best friend Cilla Black and, right, with partner Andre
AWARD winner Skye is a Cairn terrier, she is pictured here with her Kennel Club Good Citizenship bronze award.
A cairn terrier named Wheezer will be portraying Toto.
The dog is a six-month-old, brindle-coloured, cairn terrier bitch.
Harry is a five-year-old Cairn terrier who lives with his family in Burnside, Glasgow.
Heather Waddell, a partner at the practice, said: "A client in the waiting room with his cairn terrier said to Debbie our nurse: 'Hey hen, there's a wee mouse over there, you better pick it up.
The TV host, 58, who returned to his chat show this week after recovering from an angina attack, has signed up his cairn terrier for chemotherapy.
CAN you help Heather who is a 10-year-old red brindle Cairn terrier who is a perfect pet and companion.
Some may also be astonished to find that owning a cairn terrier makes Simon Cowell agreeable.
The company's name and likeness was inspired by a joyfully naughty cairn terrier who joinedOlczak'sneighborhood family just as the first sauce was being created.
Trost, a special education teacher in Millbury, didn't attend the June hearing because she had taken Roxie to Georgia, where her husband, David, lives, on May 29, the day after it mauled a 13-pound cairn terrier.