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It's taken a long time to convince, persuade, cajole, massage, promote vision,'' he said.
We're just going to count your teeth,'' said USC dental student Kimberly Foon, trying to cajole the youngster into her chair.
Addressing the Knesset, Peres cajoles gov't to reach a 2-state arrangement with the PA - and provides a "simple" solution for the Iranian threat.
The young pouting Goddess is done splendidly when she cajoles Christopher to help her and then angrily laments her fate.
There is so much warmth and good cheer flowing between Robert Eads and company that you have to sympathize with Lola Cola when, posing the gang for a snapshot, she cajoles them with "Let's have some gravity
Six Degrees of Separation" is the story of a savvy young black man who cajoles his way into the home and the lives of the Kittredges (Channing and Donald Sutherland), a well-to-do Fifth Avenue couple.
As Nosferatu's leading man, Gustav von Wangenheim, Izzard puts on hilarious faces as Murnau cajoles a performance out of him with the camera rolling.
Fred Schepisi directs the biting satire about a savvy young black man who cajoles his way into the home and lives of an elegant Fifth Avenue couple, pretending to be Sidney Poitier's son, and leads them on a whirlwind through every level of life in New York.
The more Salome cajoles (and the more desperate she seems), the clearer it becomes that this is a woman unhinged.
With his raspy voice and animated gesturing, he cajoles dancers in rehearsals or delights them in his memorabilia-laden apartment with passionate and irreverent recollections of his formidable career--dancing with Olga Spessivtseva, creating a role for Serge Lifar, forming a partnership with Yvette Chauvire.
When an important merger meeting in Colorado coincides with the family's long-planned Hawaii vacation, Bob arbitrarily switches plans, rents a ghastly RV and cajoles his reluctant family into taking a road trip instead.
Offsetting the heartrending synergy between the leads are hilarious featured turns by Lynn Redgrave as Whale's primly disapproving Hungarian housekeeper and Jack Plotnick as a not-so-naive gay film student whom Whale cajoles into stripping for an interview.