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Goodwood, Cajoled showed that leap up to be beyond her at this stage as she got a bit worked up before the race, started slowly and then failed to put up any kind of challenge before finishing last of nine runners.
THE more one hears and reads about the transfer of council houses to a housing association, the more I appreciate the fact that I was not cajoled into saying "yes" to the transfer in Renfrewshire.
Her mum and dad and sister were among the first she cajoled into joining up, and have been interviewing potential helpers.
Then there is the wish that choreographers and dancers shouldn't always expect audiences and critics (especially critics) to beat a path to their doorstep simply because they have cajoled someone to give them space and dancers--or even saved up their own lunch money over years for that same purpose.
Wright was superb as he cajoled and coerced these kids into doing something about their weight before it was too late, despite the hurdles and dreary excuses put up by parents who themselves were nothing more than cholesterol on legs.
Out with the washing for much of this contest, he was kidded, cajoled and finally pestered by Fehily until he picked up the bit off the home turn.
The real culprits are the politicians who were cajoled by extreme environmentalists to establish and continue restrictive regulations that have kept companies from building new refineries for approximately 25 years and restrict the standardization of gasoline.
We are asked to vote against the manifesto on which we were elected, and I think what is happening is that people are not willing anymore to be threatened or cajoled.
A constituency party chooses its candidate and would have every right to ask why it should be cajoled in the interests of some theoretical greater good.
Against her better judgement, Sam is cajoled into offering safe haven to the daughter of a murdered couple.
Frank decided that Hindley had been cajoled by her lover into these devilish crimes and that after decades in prison, she should be released.