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vous ne faEtes que cajoler et jouer sur les sentiments des citoyens sous pretexte de religion, ce qui est completement inadmissible.
So, in spite of TNT's repealed flops on the series side--sole success "Witchblade" was cut short in 2002 when the star abruptly quit--the "we know drama" cajoler is toying with several procedural dramas, which the channel says is key to doing" drama in the wired world.
Lorsqu'ils font face a des maitres superbement mobiles qui ne sont lies en particulier a aucune de leurs encombrantes possessions, les domines n'ont pas d'autre choix que de s'insinuer dans les bonnes graces des patrons et de les cajoler pour les amener a rester.
He is a good organiser and cajoler, someone for the younger players to look to for guidance.
CBS could not have come up with a better rifle to describe his duties--he's the planner, the cajoler and scolder--and as sharply as he limns his character, there's doubt "The Handler" will have stories to keep auds rapt.