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Diplomatic cajoling and polite debate are important to the process, but they rarely work alone to push big institutions, whether governmental, corporate, academic or spiritual, to get the lead out--at least not without a lot of noisy clamoring outside the gates.
And its most important contribution has been on the oil side, cajoling OPEC into accepting lower prices immediately after September 11th.
Hours are spent on the phone for fund-raising -- cajoling friends, obtaining new lists, making sure everything is on schedule.
cajoling, Bergling never attempts to direct readers' thinking or offer firm conclusions about age and ageism.
GRAHAM LEE deserved all the plaudits after cajoling The Manse Brae to success in the novice hurdle, taking the popular northern jockey to the 58-winner mark this term, comfortably clear of his previous best of 28.