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But I also started cajoling - and it took weeks and months working through the managed care system - to have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon and eventually an MRI at a local hospital.
Cajoling and threatening, penitent and defiant, he's like a demented circus master of the damned, desperately trying to coax and bully some significance out of life.
Because without you behind us all those years - pushing, cajoling, teaching and loving - we'd be nothing today.
At the center of it all was Roosevelt, leading - pushing, prodding, improvising, cajoling, bullying, threatening to get what he wanted.
Instead, it went to agencies like the LAPD and through persistence, cajoling and cooperation established a relationship that has helped turn the 40-square-block community around.
Mumbling, browbeating, whining and cajoling in turn, Teach is a catalog of Hoffman's specialties, yet the actor's technique never overwhelms the shaky-souled, grease-haired truth of an expert criminal who possesses no expertise.
They've long resisted the cajoling, but Prince Albert is in the Big Apple this week for a Princess Grace Foundation do and may huddle with auction houses.
With the population aging and Social Security drifting toward the political equivalent of Chapter 11, financial gurus are begging, pleading, cajoling Americans to save more for their own retirement.