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There were earlier suspicions that special funds such as the QRF and those allotted for calamities are being set aside in banks where they accumulate interest.
The Calamities centers upon a couple's losses and gains, on John's conviction that his arm will grow back after a deadly attack by a pack of steroid-enhanced coyotes, and on the boundaries of sanity and insanity in a much-changed world.
He stressed this after he reviewed a preliminary report on natural calamities at his office here on Saturday.
He said that people could only be helpful along with concerned departments if they were fully aware of the situation and prepared for meeting with natural calamities.
The functions of this Committee on Management of Natural Calamities will be handled by the Committee under the Cabinet Secretary whenever natural calamities occur, whereas, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs will handle the functions of Cabinet Committee on Prices.
Swiss Re, Switzerland-based re-insurance firm, has said that natural and man-made calamities were to blame for 2012 becoming the third-costliest year on record for insurers.
The directorate takes preemptive steps against calamities and in the event of the occurrence of a calamity it makes rapid intervention to mitigate the sufferings.
I'm not sure that the ultimate lessons, and thus the reader's actual ability to predict calamities by reading early warning signs, really resonate.
She also underlined construction of more dams for water storage, strengthen NDMA, train volunteers and equip them to meet the future calamities.
Saifullah was speaking in the Upper House after tabling a bill on the rehabilitation and financial assistance to the victims of natural calamities.
The calamities of the past year also remind us of the far less spectacular calamities of every day, the ones that don't make the nightly news, but haunt any number of us at any given moment.
A "predictable surprise," of course, is an oxymoron, but it makes for a catchy title--and in the case of this book, an interesting and nicely conceived rumination on how leaders in business and government might do a better job of avoiding calamities that they should at least have had a good inkling of.