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The reduction of forests in national parks is caused not just by calamities, as some foresters claim, but also by wood logging," Michal Luka from the Environment Ministry's press department wrote in a statement for The Slovak Spectator.
To exploit our kababayan in times of misfortune and calamities is a most grievous sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.
He said that lack of facilities to manage the disasters and calamities in the tribal areas have doubled the responsibility of PRCS.
Mission stressed that nutrition should not be compromised in times of calamities.
There were earlier suspicions that special funds such as the QRF and those allotted for calamities are being set aside in banks where they accumulate interest.
It's pure circumstance that any humans remain alive in the wake of ongoing calamities that can strike from human and natural sources without notice: "Once a week, Marsha fills in my historical cavity as it relates to The Calamities.
The directorate takes preemptive steps against calamities and in the event of the occurrence of a calamity it makes rapid intervention to mitigate the sufferings.
Saifullah was speaking in the Upper House after tabling a bill on the rehabilitation and financial assistance to the victims of natural calamities.
He has said our country is prone to various natural calamities such as floods, droughts, storms, hailstorms, cyclones, landslides and earthquakes, which cause extensive damage to life and property.
But the authors argue that rather than focus on ad hoc, after-the-fact analysis, leaders need to develop broad-based pre-emptive strategies to prevent such calamities.
The General Appropriations Act of Act aims to provide 'aid, relief, and rehabilitation services to communities/areas affected by man-made and natural calamities, and repair and reconstruction of permanent structures, including her capital expenditures for disaster operations, rehabilitation activities.