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Sire, I ask your majesty's pardon for the calamitous news which I bring.
Unfortunately, most calamitous warnings of job losses confuse AI with automation that overshadows the greatest AI benefit - AI augmentation - a combination of human and artificial intelligence, where both complement each other," added Sicular.
IRELAND rapidly developing into a more serious Brexit problem than our divorce debt is potentially calamitous when no financial solution exists.
PNN/ Bethlehem/ The Department of Culture and Information in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO-DCI) launch #MakeItRight campaign marking the "calamitous centennial" of the Balfour Deceleration: "As we mark the calamitous centennial of the Balfour Declaration tomorrow, we would like to remind you of the social media storm taking place today from 6pm-10pm local Palestine time .
New calls for unilateral withdrawal are both perniciousabecause of the calamitous consequences it will precipitateaand puerileabecause of the naA[macron]ve hope that it will not.
Leaving aside the calamitous decision to sack Sam Allardyce, it was almost funny at first - the chickens, the prattle about luring Ronaldinho, Raul and David Beckham.
At the same time, he claimed that this might be a good thing because otherwise a calamitous event could occur, which might erase civilization.
Highlights include Michael Crawford reprising his 1970s role as calamity-prone Frank Spencer in a Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em sketch that will see the hapless character in a number of calamitous escapades culminating in a chance meeting with cycling legend Bradley Wiggins.
Good People 88mins A YOUNG American couple make the calamitous decision to keep a bag of drugs money.
As this can mean both a sign of a momentous or calamitous event it seems an announcement on the location of the new Finham Park 2 school is imminent.
Eden Hazard scored from the spot and Demba Ba added two more amid calamitous defending by Spurs.
THE recession across the eurozone has extended into its sixth quarter - longer than the calamitous slump in the financial crisis of 2008 to 2009.