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DILG Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing III said the NDRRMC would then forward the recommendation to President Rodrigo Duterte, who shall issue the declaration place Boracay under a state of calamity in order to fast-track the rehabilitation of the famous tourist destination.
Densing III said: 'We are now proposing that Boracay Island be placed under a state of calamity.
If you think that the recent storm "Urduja" was an unusual calamity that hit the country in the month of December, you're wrong.
She takes on the central role of Calamity Jane herself.
Based on the status report of the Department of Budget and Management on the releases of fund, balance of the 2015 NDRRM (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management) Fund or calamity fund is 10.
Still, Calamity Jane remains one of the most beloved of the golden age of movie musicals, and Jodie Prenger is a fizzing force of nature - and the anticipation of the two kept any grumbles to a minimum.
This Wild West themed musical with the sharp-shooting Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok features well-known songs such as The Deadwood Stage and Secret Love.
And Coventry musical theatre star Sally Cox is helping to make his dream come true as she takes on the role of Calamity Jane in this production by The Guildhall theatre group.
Aquino said the government has released P11bn to help victims of typhoon Pablo but the government's calamity fund is only P7.
CHRIS GIBBINS The First Book Of Calamity Leek by Paula Lichtarowicz, Hutchinson, PS12.
In 1965, the directorate adopted the new name of the General Directorate of Civil Defense and defined its duties going beyond the sole function of firefighting to rescue operations and first aid apart from combating any kind of calamity.
CALAMITY JANE; THE WOMAN AND THE LEGEND offers a fine biography of Martha Canary the woman known as Calamity Jane, and tells of how the alcoholic prostitute became a Wild West heroine.