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In our study, we excluded patients with perifascial fluid collection at baseline and calcaneal spurs were identified in two patients each in two groups.
When posterior calcaneal spur is subtle causing doubt in diagnosis, objective measurements like posterior calcaneal angle or Fowler's angle, (2) parallel pitch line (3) and ChauveauxLiet angle (4) can aid in the diagnosis.
Standard plain radiographs of the affected heels were taken to document the presence/absence of calcaneal spur. Approval for this study was taken from the hospital ethics committee.
Subhadrabandhu, "The relationship of pes planus and calcaneal spur to plantar heel pain," Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, no.
While a plantar calcaneal spur is often seen on radiography, it does not confirm the diagnosis, correlate with severity of symptoms, or predict prognosis.
It is associated with a plantar calcaneal spur in approximately 50% of cases.